Nefarious Knitting #6: Deepest Secrets Cowl – Completed

3 08 2015

No excuses, I just didn’t update. But I finished my cowl!

IMG_20150711_132513692_HDRNext Up: New York, New York!

Breezy Hill Alpaca Knitting Circle

15 04 2015

Attended my first knitting circle since moving back to Maryland last month and got a full tour of the Breezy Hill Alpaca Farm. Held a duckling and a lamb and was pooped on by both, but got to feed the alpacas and hang out with some awesome ladies.



And while I didn’t knit, I was working on this totally awesome birthday gift for a friend!


The Gray Tube

8 04 2015

I found this pattern here on the Purl Bee blog. Worked on it for a couple of weeks, wore in when the cold snapped back into spring (thanks, March…) and promptly got a commission for one for a coworker. Hey, if she’s game to pay for it, who am I to complain? I used a DK weight gray yarn from the baby section of the craft store on the size 7 needles suggested and it whipped up like a dream.

Was also reading my way through Amy Stewart‘s Wicked Bugs book, which probably slowed the process somewhat. I highly recommend the book, even to those of us who get a bit squeamish about creepy crawlies.






Not Dead…Still Crafting

1 04 2015

Don’t you just hate it when winter takes over and you suddenly have neither the time nor the will to do anything but join a training program and run 20+ miles a week in the sleet, snow, muck and yuck until spring?

Wait, you don’t? That’s just me?

Turns out this is the first weekend I’ve not been utterly booked by running, climbing, and other events, and with the added bonus of a proper head cold, I can justify sitting on my tush to post something. I have been crafting in the past months, and there will be some short posts for them after this.

In the mean time, updating now to log where I am at this point. When I began running over a year ago, I was 127 pounds, unemployed, and fairly well medicated but unhappy. Now, looking back on a fun weekend celebrating my 27th birthday (dear god, the adulting is so hardcore now, I went to bed at midnight and called it ‘late’), I’m 111-ish pounds, finished my first year as a teacher, and am off the meds. I’ve run countless 5k fun runs with my running group and five proper 5k races and am in the middle of training for my first 10k in April. I’ve made friends in my running group and at work, and have a direction in my career.

All that, while still crafting. I’ll show off what I’ve made starting next week, but wanted to announce that I found some super awesome youtube how-tos and crafting blogs (vlogs?) to add to my links page. Go check them out, they’ll inspire.


Pirates! Aaargh!

19 01 2015

If you want to know anything about me, know that I love pirates, just about as much as I love zombies. Yes, they were the unwashed scum that came off the underbelly of the explorations of the New World, but they were also, until recently, culturally relevant and kinda cool. And I like the whole idea of democracy among scoundrels…

But so does, apparently, someone else from the Tidewater Virginia area! Because this happened!


Yes, that is a real functional boat that was hand painted to look like wood. With a mast. And sails. And a skull. And a tiny prow cannon. And rigging. And other nautical terms I don’t know. And you can tell it’s a real honest to goodness seaworthy boat by the license number painted on the side in fancy Olde Time-y script!

We saw it on the way home yesterday, and the picture would have been less shoddy had it not been raining. And I hadn’t been sitting in a moving vehicle.

Fun facts: “Pirates and privateers (thieves who had the blessings of their home countries) were major players in Chesapeake Bay history. For nearly 200 years, pirates roamed the Bay’s waters looking for prey and outfitting themselves to search for prizes in other parts of the world.”

(For the source of this quote and further information about pirates in an around the Chesapeake Bay area, look here!)


Other than that, the weekend was quiet. The creek was iced over, so we spent some time throwing acorns at it and taunting it with a stick. Then there was a fireside to read my books by. Many good thoughts were sent to a friend’s family, and tomorrow I’m going to try and get the last of MSDE Credentialing stuff together to finally get myself into the system.


The book was Garth Nix’s ‘Clariel‘, and quite worth reading. I’m looking forward to his next installment. Present readings are Mercedes Lackey’s new book ‘Closer to Home‘ and ‘30 Days of Night: Omnibus.’

In less interesting news, I have not actually worked on any projects of late, but I do have two drawers in my dresser dedicated only to socks. So I’ve gotta be doing something right.

New Year’s Day

1 01 2015

“Today I want
to resolve nothing.

I only want to walk
a little longer in the cold.”

-Kim Addonizio
“New Year’s Day.”

With the dog for company, it was really nice.






Make Tea Cross Stitch

28 12 2014

Process of the beginning and completion of a project. I’m trying to figure out now what I want to work on next, or if I oughtn’t take a break. I tried to start a couple somethings, but haven’t been feeling it.





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