Stylish Neckwear, Bats, and DIY Horror

20 12 2014

Having only just recently recovered from a bout of bronchitis, during which time I worked hard and finished the Palindrome Cabled Forever Scarf (it was just under 6.5 feet long), I thought I was in the clear. Not so, a week later, I got food poisoning. The bad kind. The kind with horror stories and possible need of priests, because ohman, there was some Exorcist-level yuck happening. I haven’t run in the four days since.

I have however, started and in about ten hours finished this little beauty that’s been on my backlog for over a year.


Which, while may be crude, to me it’s funny as all get out. It’s good to be back in the embroidery, even if it does involve me sitting on my tush for extended periods of time. A weekend broken up with that and cleaning and a long run or walk with the dog is still a good weekend.

Christmas is coming. Presents will be distributed. Cookies shall be eaten. Carols will be sung. Two days of work for me left and I’m home free for shenanigans. I am so excited.

December Plans

4 12 2014

It’s that time of year, when craft projects take over and carols are drug out and dusted off.

The scarf is just about five feet long now. Two feet short of my goal. The harp tuner is gone the way of the dinosaurs, so I’m tuning it by ear until a new one arrives. december to do

I have to admit. I’m excited about this holiday season. I’m not usually.

It’s probably the cold medicine.

Thanksgiving Misadventures from 2014

4 12 2014

IMG_20141125_121536938This will be brief, but amusing. A little backstory first.

For two weeks, pink eye was running rampant in my classroom. And since my one and only vacation of the year was coming up, I was doing everything in my power to avoid it. I washed my hands until they were chapped, I avoided hugs like the plague, and I twitched whenever anyone so much as sneezed. But, I remained IMG_20141125_121658396_HDRuntouched by the conjunctivitis, and indeed, whatever other colds and flus and general illness circulates my classroom on a given day.

Then I fly to Baton Rouge, for a blissful week of delicious Southern food and time with wonderful friends I hadn’t seen in ages. I left the house bright and early and arrived at the airport with an itch in my throat. And itch, which by the time I landed in Baton Rouge some twelve hours later, had turned into a head cold. Which got progressively worse throughout the week and resulted in partial deafness and a miserable flight home.

IMG_20141128_151753352I woke up the following Sunday morning with, you guessed it, pink eye. And an ear infection. And bronchitis.

And so, after another two days out of work and a total of five days on antibiotics, I’m still really phenomenally ill. There has been no running, and though I am probably signed up for an Ugly Sweater race at the National Harbor this weekend, I will be walking the thing, if I go at all.

But the time in Baton Rouge was not poorly spent. I did go to art galleries run by the LSU student body, I did eat a whole lot of food, I made two different pies for Thanksgiving dinner, and I did go to the Renaissance Festival that took place in Hammond.


Apple Pie with Oat Crumble Top


Slightly Scorched Pecan Pie


And yes, those men are juggling barefoot over live mousetraps. It was the highlight of the week.

October and November Catch Up

4 12 2014


A whole mess of running and very little else.

I got a coworker into running, and we’ve signed up for several races since the Halloween Hustle back in October.

Times were as such:

Halloween Hustle 5k: 34 minutes.

The DC Color Run at National’s Stadium: Untimed, but so much fun. [Pictured above]

The Baton Rouge Turkey Trot: 34.01 minutes (and run with a head cold, which was not fun).

The Color Run was the last run for my Reeboks. They have since been ‘retired’. And with the arrival of my new trail shoes and new road shoes, I took comparison pictures. Looks like someone else entirely went shopping.


Have moved on from the Asics Gel Contend 2 and Reebok Wilds to…

Mizuno Sayonara 2 and the Sacouny Peregrin 2.

Crafty stuff to come, I promise.

The Crafting Returns

10 09 2014

Out of the blue got into Legend of Korra and have been knitting on this Epic Blue Scarf From Hell (Using the Palindrome pattern from Ravelry) while mainlining episode after episode at night. While cables are easy, they are time consuming, and it’s easy to flub when there’s some incredible fight scene or new political drama happening on screen. The scarf has been an ongoing project for several months now, though sometimes it feels like years, and I am still not halfway through. The aim is to get it done by Christmas, but since it was LAST Christmas I was aiming for, I feel like my due date’s pretty much in the clear.


Also been reading, cooking, and panicking over the oncoming preparations for Back to School Night this Thursday, much of which involved fixing other people’s work and completely demolishing my own to rewrite. Furthermore, no one’s feeding the teachers, so at least this teacher has decided to bring an apple pie for the ranks (not parents; those guys are on their own). Just today I finished my own work, at long last, and now I can have at least one day off before beginning work for October. This nonsense of newsletters and calendars and so on took us less than a week to finish over the summer, yet I get the feeling that if I want to get March’s work done, I’d better start now.

I also made another shortbread. Came out pretty good, too.

August Ends

3 09 2014


I survived my first week of the new school year with two new students, two new teachers, and half a classroom less than I had managed with this past summer. It was terribly hectic, but not at all better or worse than I expected, and we all got along as merrily as one could hope by Friday. By September, presuming there will be no more major changes to the classroom or staff lineup, we might actually get things to go along as smoothly as they did most of this past summer.

And as a reward for having not throttled my coworkers, I spent some of the extended Labor Day weekend at Cod Creek, where I kayaked, biked, stargazed, and helped my father buy a boat that serves absolutely no practical purpose, but is a delight to ride. Watched the local blue herons, saw the milky way for the first time since I can remember, and got to know some of our neighbors at last, and overall, have come away feeling better, even with the mysterious migraine and lack of actual restful sleep.


IMG_20140831_103617866Someday soon I might get back to something like needlework…

6 Mile Ouch

20 08 2014

Went trail running again last weekend and somehow eked out 4 miles of running and another 2 of hiking back and realized only a day after the fact that maybe I wasn’t prepared for that kind of workout. And thus, half a week off running. I have the benefit of getting home early three out of two days, but will not be making much progress toward my 15-mile-a-week goal this time around. Just as well.

In other news, am doing little more than picking at the piano and reading book 6 of the Harry Potter collection; because while I do have better (and more creative) things to be doing with my time, I’d really rather spend this week on my tush in various comfy chairs.

Professional days Thursday and Friday allow myself and my fellow teachers to enjoy two days of presentations and classroom cleanup (sarcasm, there is nothing fun about either of these things) before the tedium of the fall semester begins. I find myself a little less enthusiastic about it than I was earlier, since a revamp in the lineup of teachers has made it so I am not, in fact, working with my friend, but with a woman who knows as much about toddlers as I do, apparently. I have the background of a few months being a primary caretaker for the general group, but even with my presence, the transition is proving to be difficult.

I’m figuring things will pan out and go smoothly by right around Christmas break.

Whatever. Look at some excellent cross stitches other people have done here: enhanced-buzz-14912-1404733367-4

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